So that your pallets last for decades.

Our pallets can be fully ground and reused, for a longer lifespan and greater economy. Adjustment to other dimensions is also possible. Take a look at the comprehensive services we offer.


Joint-free, smooth and good as new: Our all-plastic pallets can easily be ground after many years of use. Because we are always using the highest quality materials, the performance values remain unchanged. Customers worldwide have made use of this service, extending the life span of their MEYSHER PVC PALLET and MEYSHER PLASTIC PALLET to more than ten years already.


  • Even longer life span
    for already long-lasting all-plastic pallets
  • Consistent performance values
    thanks to best material quality at all times
  • Grinding at our plant or at your premises
    with no halt in production, laborious transportation or loss of time


Ready for reuse with the same performance: Their lack of profile means that the pallets dimensions of our Meysher GMT pallet can be adjusted at any time. Pallets that are already in use can be reused for a different plant. Larger companies in particular benefit from new usage options and greater economy.



  • Better economy
    through reuse and new usage options
  • Greater performance
    from a single investment
  • Adjustable at any time
    for a longer life span

Cleaning unit

For clean working: A clean, smooth surface on your pallets is essential for high quality standards. As well as release agents for plastic pallets, we also offer cleaning units such as scrapers and bristle rollers that reliably remove even the most tenacious concrete residues.


  • High product quality
    thanks to clean surfaces
  • Removes concrete residues
    even with stubborn deposits