Via Mainland of China and all around the world.

We have been active on the market for more than Eleven years. In all that time, we have had just one goal in mind: to constantly improve and develop our products and service, to benefit our customers. What does it take to achieve this? Stamina, perseverance and a strong belief in new ideas. Discover our history – from a small business in Shanghai to the world market leader for production pallets.
The Meysher company is founded

The Meysher company is formed in Shanghai to market production pallets for the concrete block industry.

Joint venture in the manufacture of bamboo pallets

Meysher enters into a joint venture Eastern Star with  in Xi'an for the manufacture of bamboo pallets

Laying the foundation for plastic pallets

Meysher has the idea of producing production boards from recycled plastics. After promising initial trials and getting in touch with ISO 9001,ISO14001 and CE systems – then the main supplier of the plastic –, the foundation for production is laid.

Start of production of PVC pallets

Production of all-plastic PVC pallets begins following the purchase of a production site in Shanghai. Meysher triggers a revolution in the concrete block industry. Numerous experts and the latest production techniques come together to produce a board that verifiably remains extremely resistant over many years. Even today, the world’s largest plant for PVC pallets achieves an unparalleled standard of production.

Expansion and new sales office

The innovative Meysher has its finger on the pulse. As a real alternative to all known production boards, it spreads across the world. 

Additional Executive Partner in India and Israel

Partners in  India and Israel join the Meysher as  additional Executive Partner. Since then, they have ensured that production in India and Israel runs smoothly.

New production plants in Shandong,Anhui and Hebei as well as Zhejiang Province

Four production plants for Meysher are in operation in Shangdong,Anhui and Hebei as well as Zhejiang Province. From the manufacture of homogeneous plastic granules, production and precise quality control to the sophisticated logistics of outgoing goods and delivery to the customer, the new production site in China is a pioneer in the industry.

Expansion of wood board production

Wood board production in Shanghai needs expanding. A 3,000 ㎥ hall is erected especially for this, equipped with the latest production technology. Several hundred boards leave the production facility every day, in verified quality.

New service for even longer life spans

A special service for customers of the Meysher family: For the first time, a mobile grinding system gives concrete block producers the opportunity to regrind all-plastic boards that have been in use for many years. The result is a surface that is almost identical to that of a new board. Meysher offer this service, proving the company’s role as a pioneer once again.

Demand for pvc and plastic pallets grows constantly in Indian market

The demand for Meysher PVC and plastic pallets is too great in India market. Just two years after launch, the production line for PVC and plastic pallets  has to be expanded. 

MEYSHER at BAUMA 2012 in Shanghai

In April 2012, Meysher presents the latest developments in products at BAUMA in Shanghai.

New warehouse in Shanghai

The ever-increasing demand means that Meysher needs to grow. Another new warehouse is erected next to the existing warehouse and production hall at the production site in Shanghai.

Exhibition in Mumbai Concrete Show

First Exhibition in Mumbai, the biggest city in India, more than 200 potential clients were coming and gathering in the stall showing the strong interest in Meysher brick pallets.

Building Tec Exhibition in Dahka,Bangladesh

The new market for the concrete brick industry is starting to grow as the clay brick industry is facing challenge due to the environment pollution and losses of land soures. 

MEYSHER at Excon Banglalore , India

The biggest market not only in Asia but also in the whole world. It is just like in 1990s of World Factory- China

MEYSHER at 11th Build Asia in Karachi, Pakistan

Meysher received high feedback from this traditional cement brick country. Also we had established the sole agent in south of Pakistan. 

Meysher at 118th & 119th Canton Fair

The biggest exhibition in China for export and Import. More than 5 old clients came to meet and placed new orders .

New appearance on website and trade shows

Meysher presents itself with a complete relaunch on the Ceramictec in India and trade shows. At the same time the new website goes online.

Ceramic Tec Expo

Ahmadabad ,India
Ceramic fair took place in The hometown of The president of India . Both of concrete tech and clay /ceramic tech will help the local market to be better.

Green Build Asia

BICC, Dahka, Bangladesh
The fourth time attendance for the building material fair.